3D Modeling

I use Maya and Blender to create 3D assets for use in game design and animation. Using reference images I create models in Maya and rig them if needed for animations.

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Unreal Engine

Using Unreal engine I craft environments for players to enjoy. I use a mix of market place assets and 3D assets I create in Maya to piece together games

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Level Design

I have experienced first hand what makes a good and a bad level. With that knowledge I am able to make fun and interesting levels able to keep players invested.

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A new look at design.

I tend to tackle projects that I find fun and interesting in new and creative ways, no matter how childish it may seem.

My process involves visualizing multiple ideas in my head then experimenting with them in Photoshop or illustrator. once I grow fond of an idea I expand on it and bring it to life.

I have been taking classes at Purdue university where I have done many great works which you can view in my gallery at any time. I hope to continue working on more projects and learning new techniques as I spend more time working with the tools I have.